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TBL 180  Video  How does a TBL Aircraft  Tug work ?

Movie 1. Douglas Kalmar TBL 180  Aircraft tug adjustable wheelbase for increased stability with light aircraft.


Movie 2. Douglas Kalmar TBL 180  Aircraft tug Rotating Cab making the tug comfortable and safe for the driver in pushback and maintenance towing operations.


Movie 3. Douglas Kalmar TBL 180  Aircraft tug  Nosewheel handling cradle . Operated  from inside the cab, The cradle is first lowered then opened, once the cradle is opened the operator will select the correct  position of the nose wheel scoop according to aircraft type.  Then after driving the tug onto the nosewheel , cradle is closed and locked with the front and rear safety bars holding the wheel in position. Finally the nose wheel is lifted off the ground ready to commence pushback or towing operation.


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