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Whatever you want to call them, dockspotter, yard shunter, tug, tugmaster, This is now a core part of our  business. Our customers enjoy our engineers vast knowledge of service and repair of all makes of elevating 5th wheel tractors. to include  Douglas Tugmasters, Reliance Mercury, Terberg, Kalmar, Sisu, MOL, Mafi and many more. Most distribution/transport centres rely on ill trained mechanics servicing this type of vehicle. We employ HGV mechanics and then they have to go through at least a 3month training period to work on these machines, as they do admit they are unfamiliar with many of the systems on a tug. Unfortunately tugs do have a reputation of being unreliable. However this is mainly due to bad maintenance procedures, if this sounds familiar then give us a call or drop us an email. We travel nationwide and our rates are no different to normal commercial engineers rates.  We are used by manufacturers for their refurbishment requirements at our facility. They use us as we were trained by them and know we demand high quality workmanship. Use our skills to your benifit and:


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