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                                              Electric  5th Wheel Tug


Truly unique Battery Powered , Environmentally friendly , zero emission Tugmaster.  Originally built by Douglas Equipment of Cheltenham, they were designed for a Tobacco company in Southampton to alleviate noise pollution problems associated with HGV movements. The electric shunters enabled them to obtain planning permission to move HGV trailers within their distribution site during night time activities. We have two of these shunters which we believe are the only two battery powered machines of this type in the world!! Capable of towing normal road going trailers at up to  10mph (limited to site speed limits)  for up to 12hrs per charge with a charging cycle of  between  6-8hrs.   these tugs offer huge savings on fuel compared to diesel machines. Other benefits include very low noise emissions suitable for night operations in built up areas. Ability to work inside buildings or warehouses alongside personnel.  Less maintenance with no engine and  transmission. More driver comfort with less cabin noise. Safely limited to site speed limits. Supplied with new batteries. Click Here for  detailed information and figures for environmental and cost saving comparisons over  conventional Diesel machines.  Please contact us below for more information and prices for sale or rental.





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